Kevet Duncombe on Moria

One of the developers of the role-playing game Moria for PLATO comments on his game.

For a feature I was writing on the computer role-playing game Moria, I contacted one of the authors, Kevet Duncombe. He gave me a quick answer to the questions I asked, and I decided to make it available in full here, in case it can be helpful to other people exploring the early history of computer role playing games:

– The first version used an overhead view and was written around 1975 or 1976. The main features-multiple terrains, stochastic «infinite» maps, classless characters whose skills improve with use-were there from the start. We certainly did expand it in the 3d rewrite, and added the multiplayer group features at that time if I recall correctly.

– I remember it was my co-author Jim Battin who suggested the 3d view. There were other games doing 3d around then; panther, spasim, airfight. I don’t remember who was first but it wasn’t us. I think our method was the fastest and took the least cpu though.We did take inspiration from other games, but I don’t recall adding any features pioneered in later games.

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